FPS boost

Guide by text

Guide by Spawnterror.com (march, 2020).
Spawnterror has provided a very thorough 22-step guide for boosting your FPS in CSGO. It includes everything from cleaning up your install and inventory, to settings, launch options, Windows-settings, drivers and cleaning your hardware. The guide is clean and easy to follow.

Guide by video

Guide by Pajno (jan, 2020).
This guide by Pajno is featured several times on our site. It’s very in-depth and covers alot. If you are looking for something particular, you can have a look at our other pages where you will find the video timestamped at video-settings or nvidia-settings. If you want the full do-around we suggest you follow the guide front-to-cover. It’s great.


If you come across a guide that you believe is better than any of these options, feel free to drop us a message labeled “FPS-boost” at: contact@dunknade.com or hit us up on twitter @dunknade1