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The internet is full of guides for optimizing your video settings in CSGO. The problem is not finding a credible source. The problem is that different guides work for different people. Or rather – for different computers.

Therefore: we haven not compiled our own guides. Instead, we have dug out the best resources on the internet for you. We then provide 5 steps that will enable you to maximize output for your setup.

Five steps to optimize settings

  1. Take screenshots of your video settings in CSGO. Organize them in a folder on your desktop. This enables you to test different setups without the fear of messing up.
  2. Close all processes that are not needed for CSGO in task manager. You do not want any program to undermine your test-result by using capacity during your tests.
  3. Test the complete reccomended settings of a guide with the FPS benchmark map to track performance. Note down your FPS from the complete recomnended settings of 3 guides. Run each setup at least 2 times to make sure the result is correct. Preferably you test them one by one, and do 2 cycles.
  4. Implement the settings that gave you the best performance.
  5. Experiment with “user’s choice” options. Most guides will inform you that a few choices are up to you. it will either say that this depends on your PC, or because it truly does not affect performance, and is purely preferential. This is not always the case. Test the different options within the best guide, and repeat step 1-3 to optimize.


  1. Guide from Highgroundgaming (april 2020) (Note from dunknade: putting “Global Shadow Quality” to “Very low” could increase your FPS additionally)
  2. Guide from Csgostrats (april 2020)
  3. Guide from Pcgamingguide


We reccomend this great guide by Panjno: (full FPS-guide – timestamped at video settings)

You could also copy the video settings of US CSGO pro player Stewie2k (on a high performance computer):

Or you could test the settings recommended by Youtuber TurboMotionZ in his broader guide (timestamped at video settings)


If you come across a guide that you believe is better than any of the options above, feel free to drop us a message labeled “video settings” at: or hit us up on twitter @dunknade1

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